Amazon Android Phone Coming Soon with 4.7-inch Display: Report

After the thriving launch of Kindle Fire tablets, now Amazon is going to throw Android based smartphones soon. Well, Whether this is a speculation or reality, well soon we will receive official details about it. According to the reports, Amazon is ruminating on the size as of now, or maybe the raising pursuit of large display phones forced Amazon to launch coming Android phones with a larger display. Although the market is being flooded with an immense number of smartphones right now, but the giants are Samsung and Apple getting competition from Sony and HTC. Amazon might be working hard on its phone in order to make it own space in the mobile arena.


According to a Digitimes report, Amazon has decided to go with a 11.9-cm (4.7-inch) display format for its smartphone, that is being made by the iPhone maker, Foxconn.

Further the reports intimated

Amazon has also reportedly been working on enhancing other specifications of the smartphone. However, the sources did not reveal if Amazon’s recent changes to the device were the reason for rumors in the market stating that mass production of the device may be delayed until later in the second quarter of the year or possibly later.

Earlier it was believed that the company was looking at the slightly smaller 10.9-cm (4.3-inch) display for the phone but after analyzing and observing the demand for bigger display smartphones between the users these days, Amazon has switched its attention towards developing a bigger version. Now they are launching 3 inches bigger display than the previous one.

Right now there is no news about the launch or availability but it has expected that the device would be priced in the same manner as HD Kindle Fire tablets.

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