Alarm Bells – Android & IOS App for Security and Malware Problems

Alarm Bells – Android & IOS App : Security researchers are getting anxious with every passing day about the level of security in Android platform, due to the model that the company uses which attracts hackers like bees to honey. This has been a notion for years, which has gained popularity among the users over a period of time. Android platform has been at risk of innumerable security threats because of wide use of the device. As the number of users increase, so do the attempts of security attacks on the software.

 Trojan War on Android 

Recently, the Android platform has been under siege from all quarters – compelling it to fight against different kinds of Trojans that are looking for gaps to infect the software. MMarketPay.A has been proven to be the most dangerous Trojan, says The Register, a security firm. This malware has been successful in infecting nine app stores in China. These affected apps, purchased from China’s Mobile’s Mobile Market, when installed in the mobiles, work as cell phone spyware, damaging the software eventually – thus, damaging the mobile market of China.

Now let me introduce you to a Trojan which acts like a middle man in the robbery – SpyEye in the Mobile or SPITMO, reported by PCMag’s Security Watch. The Trojan works by injecting malware into your mobile, which acts like a criminal between you and your bank and transfers all the important information to the hacker. If successful, the hacker is able to collect authorization codes that facilitate access to victims’ accounts.

From banks accounts to Yahoo mail accounts – Trojans have left a devastating mark on every platform. Microsoft researcher Terry Zink unveiled what was initially called a botnet that was attacking Yahoo mail servers through Android devices. The malware would seep into the device and work as an Android spyware, extracting information from the Yahoo mail, when users logged onto it from their device. But the situation is still unclear, as researchers think Zink may have jumped to conclusions too soon.

The flaw in the System

Researchers don’t have to look closely to see there are problems with Android security, as it’s quite evident that the operating system indeed is under attack. Zack Whittaker at CNET reported an analysis from a security firm, Trend Micro on the frequency of malware attacks on the Android platform. Whittaker said that in the beginning of this year, Trend Micro researchers found more than 5,000 harmful applications designed to target Google’s Android mobile operating system – the figure increasing to about 20,000 in recent months. The report said that there will be about 38,000 samples by the third quarter and 130,000 in the fourth.

Apple – not missing the action

Although Apple is not taking lot of heat from the hackers, but it’s still in the play! Apple, on and off has been facing some security issues of its own – a malware called Find and Call impacts both Apple and Android. However, Apple is in a better position for the long run – all thanks to its vetting process, which is deeper and its control far more complete.

Author Bio: Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards mobile spy software and spy software for android.

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