Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Phones and Apple iPhone Released

There are a lot of Apps to edit photos straight on the smartphones, but it does not perform well as analogized to the equivalent of Adobe Photoshop, which was only available for the PC.

Adobe has addressed the interpretation, and they understood the market demand, and today announced native Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps for Android Smartphones and Apple iPhone. Now, users will not need to turn on a PC if they only need to edit the photos. The native versions for Apple iPhone and Android Tablets released earlier.


Adobe Photoshop for Android Smartphones and iPhone comes with core features of Adobe Photoshop. Users can apply a range of effects, edit and touch them for better colors, and combine multiple photos are damn easy. Users can work on multiple layers, just like they manage to draw on PC. The native Tablet Apps even features every core feature, including adjustments, filters, layers, and selection tools. Most of cameras capture photos, which does not look natural and lacks the color accuracy. There are a color adjustments setting as well as precise tone setting are there, which can be applied accordingly.

If user desire to add text and other effects directly from the tablet, then you can even apply the strokes, graphical text, and you can also add drop shadows. If you want to convert your photo to a sketch, then you can achieve consistent with the filter brushes, painting effects, and more. Users can apply adjustments to complete layers, or just to a selected layer.

If you started a project on a PC, and edited it a lot with consumption of Keyboard and Mouse, then you can just move same project to the Photoshop Touch for Smartphones. For this motive, PC needs at least Adobe CS5.1 or Greater with the Adobe Creative Cloud. The system can automatically sync the projects between PC and Tablet. You will not be allowed to edit images larger than 12 megapixels as this is most Adobe Photoshop for Smartphones supports. Though, you can keep the highest quality of high resolution images.

You can Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for $4.99 (Rs. 270), for any Android Phone from the Google Play Store. The Apple iPhone users can check the Apple iTunes Store and buy the application

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Phones and Apple iPhone Released, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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