Aakash-2 Tablet Coming Soon with Upgraded Features & Specifications

World’s Cheapest Tablet PC is getting more better soon. Just recently, Indian Government has unveiled ‘Aakash Tablet’ and now engineers are working on to upgrade the tablet with latest improvements.

According to Kapil Sibal, HRD minister, India, “A better and upgraded version of Aakash, the world’s cheapest tablet computer, will be unveiled in February.”

The most interesting about ‘Aakash 2 Tablet‘ is that it’ll be available at same price tag of Aakash version 1 at Price Rs. 2,276 ($49). So, you’ll able to purchase latest Aakash Tablet with overall faster speed but without affecting your budget. Mr. Sibal stated that Indian Institute of Technology, Rajasthan almost finalised the improvements to be done in latest ‘Aakash-2’, due to great response from International Markets. Aakash Tablet has also been showcased as ‘Device for Children of the World’ at the United Nations Conference in Paris by Hon’ble HR Minister.

So, why they’re changing the specifications just few time after launching original Aakash Tablet? Just of because they took feedback of Aakash-1 Tablet from over 500 users from IITs and other institutions. Based on these feedback, the Aakash-2 Android Tablet is likely expected to come with fastest 800MHz processor, compared to 366megahertz (MHz) processor integrated in first version of Aakash. Further, RAM will be also upgraded from 1GB from 256 MB. This upgrades will surely enhance the web browsing, smooth rendering of YouTube videos, and overall user experience with the faster response speed of the device even with multi-tasking.

The new version will be reportedly come with an inbuilt camera, which is  being missed in current version. Aakash-2 doesn’t include a camera and users had to connect external camera via USB. The inbuilt camera will enhance online video chatting of Skype and other messenger. The 7-inch screen (17.8cm) will be also enhanced. The Aakash-1 Tablet have heating issues and system freeze issue currently, according to the some reports. We expect that new Aakash 2 Tablet will fix every issue it have currently with its better specifications.

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