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How To Root and Unroot Spice Mi-350n with Easy Steps

Spice Mi-350n is mid-range Android Smartphone, which is having Dual SIM Capability. We already posted tutorial to update your Spice Mi-350n to Android 4.0 ICS looking Custom ROM Firmware. Now, we are guiding you to root and unroot this phone. As you had read in Firmware Upgrade Tutorial, it require Rooting before installation of custom firmware, this would apply to all the custom firmware you would want to install on your phone in future.

Root Unroot spice mi 350n How To Root and Unroot Spice Mi 350n with Easy Steps

Spice Mi 350n is competitor of Samsung Galaxy Y, with a 3.2MP camera with autofocus and white balance modes, 3G Support, built-in Games, A-GPS, 650MHYz processor, and 32 GB expandable memory support. The phone comes at almost same price of Samsung Galaxy Y, so it’s not best buy product for those who prefer Samsung Products due tot heir brand image. Though, those who purchase this phone, you don’t need to disappoint, because here in due course of this tutorial, you will learn Steps to Root and Unroot your Spice Mi-350n Android Smartphone.

Disclaimer: Rooting is not recommended for most of the users, though it is not required, unless you want to get Super User access, or want to install Custom ROM Firmware on your phone. After all, it is risky process, and risk involved of like your device can get damaged, become non-functional or even can get bricked. We at TechClap.com or developers should not be held responsible if anything goes wrong with your Spice device, please try the steps at your own risk.

Pre Requisite:

  • I would suggest you to make full backup of all the data in your device. This includes SMS, call logs, contacts, pics, videos, personal files, APN and internet access points settings, and other settings. You should even backup of your ROM.
  • Ensure that the charge in your phone should be more than 80% so that i can not turn off while process is running, as this can damage your device.
  • If any, Disable or uninstall Firewall and Antivirus to avoid any issues or conflict regarding security while running the rooting and unrooting process.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Phone. Navigate to ‘Settings>Application>Development>USB debugging‘ and Check mark the USB debugging option.
  • Latest Drivers and Data Cable needed.

Assuming that you have followed all the requirements required to Root and Unroot your Spice Mi 350n device. Now, lets proceed to detailed instructions where we have summed up Simple and Easy method of both Rooting and Unrooting of you device. Using this tool, your device should run at least Android 2.3.4 version (Lower also compatible but we haven’t tested) which you can check in your phone, though the phone shipped with this firmware.

spice mi 350n Root Unroot How To Root and Unroot Spice Mi 350n with Easy Steps

Steps to Root Spice Mi-350n Easily

Step 1: You have to download and Install this software in your PC. Download Link. Ensure that your Hard Disk Drive of your PC have remaining space before running this software.

Step 2: Now, connect your Mi 350n phone to your computer, via USB Cable.

Step 3: Ensure that you have enabled USB Debugging option in your phone. If it is not checked, navigate to Settings>Applications>Development> and check the USB debugging option.

Step 4: Make sure that device is connected properly, which you can check in Device Manager in your PC. Then simply Run UnlockRoot.exe (Which you have downloaded in Step 1).

Step 5: Below the UnlockRoot.com, and White Android Robot Logo, you will See Green ‘Root’ button. Simply Click on it, wait for few minutes and process would be finished. The device will reboot, and after that you will get Root access on your Spice Mi 350n phone.

How to UnRoot Spice Mi 350n

Unrooting is also simple process like rooting. Just you have follow Step 1 to Step 4 of Rooting Process. Then Run the Software ‘UnlockRoot.exe‘, you will see a ‘Unroot‘ button, click on it, and in the few minutes that would revoke root access on your phone.

Hoping that you have successfully rooted or unrooted your device. If device gets stuck on boot screen, just you have to remove the battery and re-insert again. Then follow the instructions one by one again.

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