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How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000/ SGH-i717 AT&T on Stock ROM

Users of Android gizmos are acquisitive of trying latest ROM Firmwares, Thanks to ample prosperity and extent of Android, who succeed to become Top Mobile Operating System in the World. The trying the latest ROMs is fantastic feeling for advanced level Android users, but there are certain conditions when their try turns into failure. As you might already aware, if you try new firmware, there is always we mention the risk in every tutorial we write here.

Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000/ SGH i717 AT&T on Stock ROM

Once you install custom ROM or Firmware, or Root the device, you clearly void warranty of your phone. Though, there are numerous of reasons, when you want to Install Custom ROM Firmware, or want to Root the device, to get maximum benefits, over features, Look and UI. This tutorial explains you to return back to original Stock ROM for your Samsung Galaxy Note, especially if you device become nonfunctional, bricked, or you are not happy with the custom firmware in your device. There are other reasons involve like you want to install some original apps, which are locked to original firmware.  If you will follow this tutorial carefully, you will get your Galaxy Note Device into original state of Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread (Original Stock ROM). If you have Galaxy Note running on Android 4.0 ICS Firmware, you can still unroot or unbrick, and install Stock ICS ROM (If it is available at the time you are reading this article) via Samsung Kies.

Disclaimer/ Must Read: Please note, this tutorial assumes that you have Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000 or SGH-i717 AT&T). The tutorial involves risk to try steps, but its tested by us personally today and found that it is working correctly. But, TechClap.com should not be held responsible if you loss you data, gets your device damaged by following the tutorial. It is your responsibility if you want to try the procedure.


  • Ensure that your Galaxy Note’s battery is charged at least 80%, so that process can executed without power failure.
  • Backup your SMS, Videos, Songs, MMS and APN settings, and everything else to safeguard against any unwanted condition.
  • Disable or Uninstall Samsung Kies, and other Antivirus or Firewall programs.
  • Turn USB Debugging on, which can be done at path “Menu> Settings> Application> Development“, make sure to check USB debugging option.
  • Latest Drivers needed in PC, if you haven’t already, you can download them. Make the Data Cable also ready, which would help to connect he device to PC.
  • If you have rooted the device, or have installed any custom ROM, then you need to wipe all the data to begin the process of installing stock ROM. For doing this, you can boot the device in recovery mode, then select Wipe Data/Factory reset followed by wipe cache partition.

So assuming that you have read every requirement carefully, and collected or worked on all the points above. Hence, we should proceed to actual process, where we have summed up in detail to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 / SGH-i717 AT&T.

How to Unroot/ Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 / SGH-i717 AT&T and Install Stock ROM (Android 2.3.6)

Step 1: Put your device into ‘Download Mode‘, which can be easily done by press and holding down the Volume Down+Power Button+Center button for approximately 10 seconds time.

Step 2: You will see yellow warning sign, no need to worry, just skip it by pressing the Volume Up button for few seconds.

Step 3: Connect your Galaxy Note to your computer, and then download required files. Download ODIN3 v1.85 | Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Stock ROM Download | Galaxy Note SGH-i717 AT&T Stock ROM Download attstockrom.zip (Please note, only download appropriate version of ROM, depending on your device’s model, which you can check through in About Phone option.

Step 4: Run the ODIN v1.85 program, This is called loading the files in PDA slot. Select ‘PDA’ and select the filename ending with extension .tar.md5 (Siply choose the Stock ROM which you have downloaded in Step 3).

Step 5: You should see yellow highlighted COM on interface of ODIN, once it startes. If incase you are unable to see that thing, you need to install Samsung Kies. After installation of Kies, make sure to disconnect and connect back the Galaxy Note to your PC, so that connection can get refreshed, and your Galaxy Note can be detected by PC. You also need to select ‘Repartition option’, because PIT file not available.

Step 6: Hit the ‘Start’ button, to begin the process, which would install official Stock ROM Firmware (Android 2.3.6). Your device will reboot.

Step 7: Now factory reset your phone to default settings. By performing this, you will loss your all data, including settings, user settings, and apps. You can do factory reset with the pressing and hold down the Power button+Volume UP buttons combination.

Step 8: Now, after device got reboot, Press and Hold ‘Volume up and Power Button’ to enter into recovery mode, then select ‘wipe cache partition’. This will clear the cache, and will give restart to the phone

That’s the process, and after reboot you will running Android 2.3.6 Official Stock ROM at Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 AT&T. Do lets know if any problem you face while applying the steps. We will do our best to resolve your issue. Have you successfully installed Stock ROM?

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