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BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R vs Aakash/ Ubislate+ Tablets Comparison

It was most trending topic in media, when BSNL presented the Tablets, few days ago. Now, TPAD Tablets up for pre-booking, and it is confusion among consumers. The most confusion, generated due to very Bad Quality of, Aakash Tablet. So how it links to BSNL? Because BSNL is also Govt. Telecom Operator. As we received feedback from our readers, that they are in doubt, whether BSNL Tabletss are better than Aakash or not. Consumers think, Government can’s provide good quality tablets, though  it is subject to see when we review the BSNL Tablets, in our labs in near future. Until then, we are here going to tell you how BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R (Worth Rs. 3250 Tablet) is better than Aakash, and how they competes with each other when standing together. Some of experts thinks, that BSNL TPAD is Aakash’s rival, but we have compared all the two versions of Aakash, with basic version BSNL TPAD.

BSNL T Pad vs Aakash UbiSlate Comparison BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R vs Aakash/ Ubislate+ Tablets Comparison

BSNL T-Pad IS701R vs Aakash Tablet vs UbiSlate 7 vs UbiSlate 7+ Comparison

Display & Operating System

All of the three tablets, Aakash and BSNL boasts 7-inch Resistive Display Screen, which provides a different resolution. BSNL Tablet provides 800×600 pixels resolution, and others have 800×480 pixels resolution. The BSNL Tpad IS701R and UbiSlate 7+ (Probably Aakash 2) comes with pre-installed Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System, whereas original Aakash Tablet (Failed!) has Android 2.2 Froyo OS.

Winner- BSNL T-PAD


In this segment, BSNL Penta TPAD is the winner, with 1GHz IMAP 21p processor, whereas UbiSlate 7+ and UbiSlate 7 equipped with ARM A8 700MHz and ARM11 366MHz processors. You can expect different performance from these tablets.

Winner- BSNL T-PAD

RAM and Storage

All the contenders in this comparison, have just 256MB RAM, but and features 2GB in-built storage memory, and supports microSD card up to 32GB. So, all are good in terms of storage of your songs and multimedia content.

Winner- Tie


Only, BSNL Tpad IS701R leashed with camera, while other two doesn’t includes any camera, but hopefully final Aakash 2 also come with camera, at least for video calling, because it is essential in this modern world of social media.

Winner- BSNL T-PAD


In this sector, UbiSlate 7+ (Aakash 2) won the race, other two have lost the game due to they lac GPRS support, and they are just Wi-Fi Only tablets. Means, if Wi-Fi is not available in your area, you can’t access Internet via SIM card, but you have option to connect to GPRS through making your mobile phone as a modem.

Winner- Aakash 2 (UbiSlate 7+)


BSNL T-PAD IS701R got batter in terms of connectivity, and providing capability to watch High Definition (HD) content. It sports 1 USB, and 1 HDMI Port, while other two just integrated with USB port each.

Winner- BSNL T-PAD


The battery is too close of two tablets, in terms of mAh. But sometimes, it doesn’t offers longer backup, based on mAh, some other factors including quality of battery also applicable. Perhaps, BSNL and UbiSlate + would provide same backup, as they are 3000mAh and 3200mAh respectively, compared with 2100 mAh of Aakash Tablet.

Winner- Tie


Based on the features, BSNL T-PAD is priced higher than UbiSlate+ and Aakash, which are priced for Rs. 2990 and 2500. While, BSNL Tablet is priced at 3,250. But not too much, when you consider features and usability of these tablets.

Winner- Tie

Final Verdict

As you have read above, BSNL T-Pad won the overall race in this comparison, while colliding with others in some sections. Though, we have not tested the performance of BSNL T-Pad IS701R yet, but hopefully it is far better than Aakash. You can pre-order BSNL Tablet, and also you can check other BSNL Tablet Models, which comes with higher specs and price tag.

BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R vs Aakash/ Ubislate+ Tablets Comparison, 8.9 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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