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10 Best Free Tools For Effective Project Management

Project management is quite necessary to maximize the business productivity as with the help of effective project management, you can plan, monitor and control all your projects quickly and efficiently. Proper project planning plays a crucial role in the success of a business and it require great efforts to gain the desired outcomes out of your serious endeavors that you take for the growth of your business.project management software1 10 Best Free Tools For Effective Project Management

Thus for the proper planning and execution of such projects, an effective project management is necessary on your part. A good project management needs some tools and techniques in order to control all the actions and to provide the desired results within required time and budget.

From the last few years, there has been seen a great increase in the popularity of project management and its tools in various sectors of trade and business. There is a wide array of tools available online both in paid and free versions.

But if you are looking for free tools for project management, this article will surely prove to be a good guide to you. Below are the best 10 free tools for effective project management and you can choose them according to your preference and requirements.


It is one of the best free open source desktop project management tool that works effectively with Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac. It serves as an excellent alternative of Microsoft Project and can also open present native project files. With the help of this tool, you can create Gantt Charts, PERT charts, RBS charts and earned value costing etc.


This is a web based project management tool which contains the feature of multi user and multi language application is organized by a volunteer community that is open for all. The major features of dotProject tool include creating of tasks, projects, to-do-lists, Gantt charts and so on. Not only this, it also contains quite useful apps of resource allocation, forum discussion and reporting.

Gantt Project

This free project management tool is very effective to create Gantt chart based projects. Some of the key features of Gantt Project tool include Task hierarchy and dependencies, creating Gantt chart, PERT chart, HTML reports and PDF in addition to import or export of Microsoft projects and WebDev based group management.


If you are looking for an app for coordinating your group activities and for sharing business data with others through internet, the PHProjekt is the right choice for you. This free open source management tool is laced with various useful components such as group calendar, file management, mail client, contact manager, time card system and many more.


This small and light-weight management tool is a great option for the users who want to work with different projects or tasks at a time. It is a platform independent tool which is written in Java and helps you to manage various tasks by keeping exact record of all the activities done on each of the project or client. It is easy to integrate and supports JDBC to help you load your projects in JDBC database.

Task Juggler

It is the latest addition in free management tools and includes almost all the project management tasks required from the conception to the completion of the project. It is equipped with components of scheduler, built-in resource balancer, and consistency checker and revenue planner and is an ideal choice for applying the modern management strategies.


This modern web-interface free tool helps you to collaborate on projects and to manage various tasks with your team members. It supports multi language and also integrates with other web based services with XML. Besides, you can also import data from other applications with Collabtive.


It is a free online management tool that helps you great to increase productivity and management of your entire team. Its major features are task manager, email, calendar, elegant dashboard, effective communication and time recorder.


It is a great self-hosted PHP app that manages all your projects and tasks with web interface. It helps you to organize and communicate with your team members effectively and offers you the flexibility of self hosting.


It is a cross platform and cross database open source management tool which is written using Ruby on Rail framework. The key features include multi tasking, flexible tracking, Gantt chart, file management, wiki and forums and so on.

Written by Ilya Elbert, he writes for several IT Support Jacksonville and Computer Repair Jacksonville national service organizations.

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