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How to Boot Windows XP/95/98/Linux on Android – Easy Tutorial

How to Boot Windows 95/98/XP/Linux on Android? It becomes quite a question with the developers, while getting with the options to boot Windows 95/98/XP/Linux on Android. You can boot with the old versions of the Windows operating system, even in your Android phone. It will certainly become a purposeful option for you, but it will surely make you feel like a hero, while flaunting it with your friends. You can just show off with your Windows operating system, and yes, in your mobile.

 boot windows on android How to Boot Windows XP/95/98/Linux on Android – Easy Tutorial

Windows is the operating system with Microsoft. It is the one, which is mostly known among the other operating systems. It is quite popular and thus widely used, throughout the world. It is quite known because of the simplicity, it has added with your usage of the operating system in your personal computer. It is an age old operating system, even though it is quite popular, even today. You can get this operating system with almost every desktops and laptops, worldwide.

Emulating these old software, with your Android phone, does not make you a big deal to crack, but you work on the same. This method is firstly tasted with the Evo 3D, but now you can make it a step with any of the other devices too. It would help you take with a brave step, but to make it with the same; you can follow with the procedure enlisted below, so as to make it successfully.

It is also a critical process, thus before getting into it, you should follow:

  • Firstly you should ensure with the backup options with your phone contents. Phone contents like SMS, MMS, video clips, audio clips, images, phone memory and even the call log options should be kept in the recycle option or even with the Gmail sync option, so as to restore the same in your phone, successfully.
  • This procedure will require a system ‘.IMG file’ or the image file. It has not been tested with the ‘.ISO files’. It is assumed that it will work properly with the same too.
  • Linux images with the systems are easier, but the Windows options are quite tricky with the use.

How to Boot Windows 95/98/XP/Linux on Android?

  • You can download with the application, X86 Pentium Emulator, in your Android.
  • You have to download with the SDL zip, and then extract the same into its own folder, i.e. with the one in the root of the SD card.
  • If you are doing the same then the path, it would follow, should be SDL or the micro SD card.
  • Copy the .IMG or the image file in the SDL folder, with your Android phone. Rename the same with the file name, ‘c.IMG’.
  • You have downloaded in the zip a file, with name ‘bochsrc.txt’. If you are making the same procedure with the ‘.ISO file’ then, you will have to change the ‘.IMG’ or the image section to the ‘.IMG file’, in this file.
  • Now you can run the application file, downloaded in the primary step. It will take some of your time to boot with the application in your Android phone.
  • Enjoy!! You have successfully installed the procedure to boot Windows 95/98/XP/Linux on Android.

After getting done with the installation process, it becomes an operating system with your mobile too.  But you should know the proper ways to handle with the same, as it is something new with your phone and your habit. The next portion will help you to regain some of the ideas, to handle with the situation. It is quite necessary an option, more than the thing to get with the Windows Operating System, in your Android phones.

After issues with Windows Operating System in your Android

You will have to get on with some of the options to manage and control with the Windows operating system in your Android mobile. You should follow these instructions to avoid the troubles provided with the same. How? Get along the steps:-

  • The touch screen enabled in your Android, imitates or follows the touch-pad.
  • You can use the volume keys for several functions. It will enable you with the power to stimulate the mouse key. The up and down option of the volume, works as the left and right clicks of the mouse, respectively.
  • The back button with your Android phone, works as the backspace option. Menu works as the enter option. The upper-left key in the corner stimulates the tab option, whereas the left lower corner button brings you up with the keyboard.
  • You can also use your fingers, while tapping it on the touch screen. It will enable you with the power to work along the mouse click.

Hey, you can work along the Windows Operating System (Windows 7 is not tested at the moment) with your Android phone too. Enjoy!!!

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