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Download New Drop-box Beta for Android v2.0.9 with Automatic Uploads, Get up To 5 GB of Extra

You can work even if you are on leave or cannot go to office, but you need to keep check to all your files and business works, Drop-box account is the most convenient option. Drop-box account is a system, which enable you to access your personal and official files from any device from anywhere and that too without any internet connection. There are several versions of drop box, but the latest and the best suitable for the Android v2.0.9 is Beta version. You can download beta version of Drop-box for your Android v2.0.9.

Dropbox beta e1330260760902  Download New Drop box Beta for Android v2.0.9 with Automatic Uploads, Get up To 5 GB of Extra

Chief features of New Drop-box for Android v2.0.9

  • If you are not in your office premise or you are on vacation, you have the ample scope to look and work to your files, from any distance.
  • You can have access to your files, even if you do not have internet connection. This gives you an opportunity to work in remote places also where there is no internet connection.
  • All the files are combined in one drop-box, which you can access from any computer or mobile.
  • You can conveniently work in any operating system or any smart phone.
  • You can also share the files with your colleagues with the help of links to their public files.
  • You can also upload pictures and videos in the background using Wi-Fi, but the size of 25 Mb will be automatically uploaded.
  • There is no limit of size, so you can upload the files of any size. It has the capability to fix the bugs.

So, if you are Android user and want to get all these facilities, you must download new Drop-box Beta for Android v2.0.9.

Though it has lots of facilities, but there is no other way to configure or add multiple destinations and source like you can get at Dropsync. So, there are still voids in this app, which are to be developed by developers. But most interesting fact with the beta version is that you can now get more of free storage. The free storage is provided to you when you can upload photo and video of 500 MB. Once you have uploaded the 500 MB photos and video, you will be provided with more of 500 MB storage and this flow of free storage continues up to 4.5 GB and it may extend to higher levels of 5 GB as well. So, you must download New Drop-box for Android v2.0.9.

However, this free storage can also be obtained if you just follow a simple trick. Suppose you are uploading an image of 4 GB size, you can compress the image to 20 KB by converting the image into RAR file. Once you have compressed the image you can now extract the image into your memory card of Camera. Connect Camera with your PC and enable your “photo Import” feature at your PC. Drop-box will scan the image and will automatically upload the image.

Sometimes it may happen that the photo is not automatically uploaded, in that case you must unplug your camera and again connect it. Select “import Pictures & videos using Drop-box”. Then, your picture will be automatically uploaded. In this way you can extend your storage capacity up to 5 GB just within few minutes.

How to download new Dropbox beta for Android v2.0.9

Well, after reading the above content, you might be in a hurry to get the new drop-box beta for Android v2.0.9, so, just follow few steps and download the new drop-box beta for Android.

  • The prime concern before downloading any app is to check carefully whether the website from where you are downloading is reliable or not. With the increase in the fake sites, you must be very careful while selecting the suitable, reliable and authentic websites.
  • Once you have selected suitable website, you must check once again whether you are downloading the new drop-box beta for Android v2.0.9. This is important because there are several versions of drop-box, but latest version of drop-box, which is suitable for the Android beta version.
  • You must follow the downloading instruction carefully before downloading the drop-box app for safe and fast download.

So, finally this is expected that you have understood about the new drop-box beta version for Android and after reading this article you will surely download the New Drop Box.


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