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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note?

Developers make fun; the Samsung Galaxy Note is here to fulfill all your wishes!! With the much awaited announcement and the release with this phone, it has grabbed the attention with the developers and the technology geeks to crack upon the same. It is provided with the high end and quality features to cherish with the same. It will provide you with the massive display of about 1200*800, which is the perfect one for the drawing, handwriting notes, sketches and even quite proficient to handle with all your data’s and the apps with the future versions. You can also enable it with the latest of the operating systems like, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Before getting to the installation of the application, you should root with your Samsung Galaxy Note.
Root Samsung Galaxy Note How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note?

It is quite specified with its hardware and software configuration and thus, done with a cause to serve with the utmost facilities in a single click. Gone are the days with the telephones or the desktops, as they provided the same, but as in a varied way along some age old options. Technology has combined the combo in a single punch, to hit the desktop and the telephone out of your houses. It has sufficiently provided the option to think, and even ask for some more with the same. Technology is a never ending process and thus, it has tried to provide you all of the possible options in a single device.

It is great to be with the technology, so as to live a better and accomplished life.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note? Before getting to this option, you should get on with the cause of the same. Developers have cracked the Samsung Galaxy Note, and declared it as a simple phone, done miraculously for the complex uses. Rooting becomes a process, where you lose with the warranty and thus, you become responsible with your phone. This will make you feel awkward with the situation, but as a technology geek you should try to root Samsung Galaxy Note. If you do not like the same, you can also Un-root with the same. With this bypass option, your phone (Samsung Galaxy Note), you can customize your phone with any such of the apps and even remove some of the bloat wares too. It will customize the ROM of your device, making it much more able to install along some of the newest installations.

samsung galaxy note How to Root How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note?

Things needed to Root your Samsung Galaxy Note

Before moving with the procedure, get on with some of the things you will need for the rooting process.

  • Fully charged Galaxy Note along with a micro USB cable.
  • PC enabled with the Windows operating system.
  • Connect your personal computer with the Galaxy Note and it will install the USB Drivers in a faster way.
  • Enable your Galaxy Note with the USB Debugging with the path, Settings> Applications> Development. Even you can install, latest version of the Samsung Kies in your Galaxy Note.
  • A copy with the Odin program and a zip file including the Super User in it.

Procedure to Root your Samsung Galaxy Note

  • Start Odin, and click with the button “PDA”. You can also navigate with the CWM recovery key, if you have downloaded the same.
  • You should not tick with the Re-partition key. Check the same and proceed.
  • Power down the Galaxy Note and put the same in the download mode. You can do this, simply by pressing the volume key and the home buttons for long. Meanwhile, you should down press the power button, until and unless the warning screen appears.
  • Follow the given instructions and then press with the volume key to proceed with the download mode. Conne3ct the Galaxy Tab with the USB cable and Odin should recognize the device (computer), to help you.
  • Star with the Odin button and it will flash with the kernel into the device. Your system will reboot. Boot the Galaxy Note into the recovery option, with the procedure of pressing the volume key.
  • While your phone is getting into the rooted option, you should enable a safeguard option with the same with the help of Nandriod backup. It would safeguard the phone from the mishaps with the recovery in the mere future.
  • Now proceed with the ‘zip from micro SD card’ option.
  • Hey, you are done with the procedure to root Samsung Galaxy Note, successfully.

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