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Some latest gadgets and their interesting features

With the technology scorching ahead at a rapid pace, there are numerous gadgets that are hitting the market every day. From a 3D Television, to a sleek mobile phone, the latest Gadgets are innovative, cool and laced with lots of features. No wonder, the gadgets lovers are having their party to pick up the favorite gadgets of their choice, and making a statement.

cool gadgets Some latest gadgets and their interesting features


Sidewinder is a latest gadget hitting on the present market. This sleek phone is incredibly small. It is designed so smartly that it could be worn on wrists itself. This is an amazing feature of this latestgadget. It also does have numerous features, and applications like contacts, keypad, maps, and GPS. This wrist phone have multi touch interface that ensures this product to be a complete smart phone.

SONY VAIO E series

The latest SONY VAIO E series is also known as a very popular gadget in the current market. With 4 GB RAM, core i3 processor, and five hundred GB hard disk, this laptop is a very popular product in the market. No wonder, it is quite expensive for you to buy, but, it does have lots of functions as well as application making it a worthy gadget. You can get this laptop in attractive colors like Hibiscus pink and Caribbean green. This laptop has been designed for easy customization of all of its functions.

Samsung Giorgio Armani Smart Phone B7260

The B7260 Giorgio Armani Smart Phone from Samsung is another latest gadget, which is popular in the whole market. It has numerous attractive features like 5 MP camera, 8 GB memory, R tilting touch screen of 3.5 inch, and QWERTY keyboard that makes it an attractive gadget working on Windows mobile 6.1. This phone also has GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM Radio. The camera of this phone also has numerous features like image stabilization, panorama shooting, and LED flash. It also does have utility features like card scanner, TV-OUT, Pocket Office, and mobile tracker, which makes it a perfect smart phone. Its battery is also quite impressive with 11.5 hrs talk time. These are the reasons that it is one of the most popular recent gadgets around the market.


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