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Compared – Samsung Galaxy S Advance Vs Galaxy SII Vs iPhone 4S

Samsung has wide range of Android Smartphones, which is enhancing with newer family members. The company’s new entrance is, Samsung Galaxy S Advance. As name suggests, it is new addition of Galaxy S Phones, and lower model than Samsung Galaxy Sii (S2).

The entry of Galaxy S Advance, is surely making surprise in the houses of experts, just because any one can’t find much difference between Samsung Galaxy R. So, why new model launched? Probably, you might come there to know same answer. The Galaxy S Advance locates itself somewhere between, Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy R. It is even comparable to Apple iPhone 4S, if you just want to own a hi-end smartphone and considering to choose between Samsung’s or Apple’s devices. We have here explained real and all differences between Samsung Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy SII (S2), Galaxy Nexus and Apple iPhone 4S. After reading this comparison, you would find a way to choose your desired device.

samsung galaxy s advance vs s2 vs apple iphone 4s Compared – Samsung Galaxy S Advance Vs Galaxy SII Vs iPhone 4SSamsung Galaxy SII (S2) vs Galaxy S Advance vs Apple iPhone 4S

Operating System

Whenever, someone compares iOS with Android, the talks gets collides. This deserves happening, just because of both the OS makers, Apple and Android are too much successful in the market, and most complete at their places. As far as OS versions are concerned, Apple iPhone 4S comes with iOS 5 pre-installed, and Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) and Galaxy S Advance shipping with Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System (Pre-installed), which is also upgradable to Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Winner- Tie (Depends on requirement).

Size and Weight

Samsung’s both devices, including Galaxy SII and Galaxy S Advance, are merely larger in height, width and depth, compared to Apple iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy S2: The S2 has dimensions of 125.3mm (4.93-inch) height, 66.1mm (4.93-inch) width and 8.49mm (0.33-inch) depth.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance: It has 123.2mm (4.85-inch) height, 63.0mm (2.48-inch) width, and 9.69mm (0.38-inch) depth.

Apple iPhone 4S: It is obviously winner as I mentioned earlier, it has 115.2mm (4. 5-inch) height, 58.6mm (2.31-inch) width, and 9.3mm (0.37-inch) thickness. The only area in this segment where iPhone is better, is weight of device. iPhone 4S weighs 140g, and Samsung Galaxy Devices have 115g (S2) and 120g (S Advance) weight.

Winner: Apple iPhone 4S

CPU and Graphics

Samsung Galaxy S2: It is powered by Cortex-A9 OMAP 4460 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor, and PowerVR SGX 540 Graphics.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance: It runs Dual Core 1GHz processor, expected with ARM Mali-400 graphics.

Apple iPhone 4S: Apple’s device, powers Apple A5 Dual Core A9 Processor, running at 800MHz, in conjunction with PowerVR SGX 543MP2 Graphics.

Winner- Samsung Galaxy SII (S2), but it is having close competition in terms of graphics with iPhone 4S.

RAM and Memory

Samsung Galaxy S2: Running with 1GB LPDDR2 RAM, the device tested to provide smooth run-up of apps. It sports, 16GB NAND, and also supports up to 32GB microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance: It has 256MB lower RAM compared to S2, but will provide either 8GB or 16GB internal storage, alongside 32GB microSD support.

Apple iPhone 4S: Apple Device losses the game here, with just 512MB of RAM, but available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB versions, but without any microSD card slot.

Winner- Samsung Galaxy SII (S2)

Camera and Display Screen

Samsung Galaxy S2: The 4.27-inch SAMOLED+ Screen provides resolution of 800 x 480pixels, and dual Camera of 8MP main camera with LED flash and Auto-focus, and 2MP front-facing camera is integrated in the device.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance: It sports 4.0″ 800 x 480pixels resolution, SAMOLED+ screen, and boasts 5MP main camera, and 1.3MP front-facing camera.

Apple iPhone 4S: It is once again not getting the race, it has a 3.5-inch LCD backlit screen, which provides 640x960pixels resolution. But in terms of camera, it has also a 8MP camera as well as front-facing camera for video calling.

Winner- Samsung Galaxy SII (S2)


The connectivity features of all the three devices, are top-end. Each device supports Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, GSM and CDMA carriers. The only Apple iPhone 4S features Bluetooth v4.0, and Media Streaming via AirPlay.

Winner- Apple iPhone 4S

Battery and Ports

The iPhone’s battery provides up to 4 hours backup, Galaxy SII comes with 1800mAh battery, whereas Galaxy S Advance features 1500mAh battery, both are designed for longer backup.

Now it comes ports, Apple iPhone 4S integrates Video Out, 3.5mm audio jack, iPod.  The Galaxy SII and S Advance shares same specs except iPod port, and adds MHL, and micro USB ports.

Winner: Tie- Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) and Apple iPhone 4S


The price is major factor, where Samsung Devices are far better. The Apple iPhone 4S is retailing in the range of Rs. 44000 to Rs. 57000. On the consumer view, it looks waste of money, and its overpriced. It is somewhat due to currency, and Apple’s bigger brand. Before going with it, ask yourself, is it really worth buy?. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S2 available under Rs. 29K, whereas Galaxy S Advance will launch for expected Price Rs. 22-24K in India.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S Advance is nothing, but refreshed version of Galaxy R with screen enhancement. We can’t lookout any major difference between two devices as of now. I would call Galaxy S Advance as, ‘Samsung Galaxy S II Lite’, just because both are almost same in terms of looks, and shares many features together. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 4S losses the competition to Galaxy Devices of Samsung, as i described in this comparison. Do lets know via comments, which one makes better for you?

Compared – Samsung Galaxy S Advance Vs Galaxy SII Vs iPhone 4S, 8.5 out of 10 based on 50 ratings

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