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Mercury mTab 2 vs mTab Neo vs mTab Comparison

It is common trend, manufacturers first make the initial versions available in the market, then they make the debut of upgraded devices. Kobian, has recently brought their upgraded version of original Mercury Tablet, in the form of Mercury mTab 2. Just as usually, the tablet is almost same in most of the terms, but upgraded and made better few as well.

Mercury’s Tablet stands itself under $200 price, which makes it interesting for consumers, who can’t go with hi-end tabs like Samsung Galaxy Tab 620, Huawei Mediapad , Toshiba Thrive, and Apple iPad 2. Those consumers who are unable to tryout these tabs, can usually think Amazon Kindle Fire, Beetel Magiq Glide, iBall Slide, and iBerry BT07 and BT10. Mercury Tabs aka mTab(s) are better option obviously, compared to Amazon Kindle Fire, available in same price range obviously. But, Indian Govt.’s Aakash Tablet was almost failed, but it is still hope to make some buzz with Aakash 2. Lets see, how Mercury has performed to build their tablets, and how they compete with each other, lets compare and see their difference.

Mercury mtab2 vs mtab neo vs mtab Mercury mTab 2 vs mTab Neo vs mTab Comparison

Mercury mTab 2 vs mTab Neo vs mTab Comparison

Form Factor

All the tablets of Mercury have almost same design, but latest versions mTab2 / Neo are enhanced with new edges for increased looks. The dimensions of mTab was- 19.3cm×11.7cm×1.4cm , whereas next generation mTab have 19×11.8×1.3cm, and Neo has 19.4 x 11.75 x 1.28cm. These measures give them weight of 0.40g, 0.365g and 0.250g weight respectively.

Winner- Mercury mTab Neo (Lightweight).

Operating System

Android 2.3 Gingerbread, there is no word as of now about upgrade to Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Processor and Performance

Processor: 1 GHz Cortex A8 Triple Core (3-core) Processor

Memory: 512MB DDR3 RAM

All the Mercury Tablet editions are powered by a triple core processor, which gives it capability to perform smartly in most apps environments. Each core of this processor is dedicated to CPU, GPU and VPU each. Though, 512MB memory is average, and it could get upgrade to at least to 1GB in mTab2/ Neo. Overall, all the tabs performs equally in terms of performance.

Storage Memory

mTab: 4GB in-built, and supports up to 32GB using microSD card.

mTab2/ Neo: 8GB internal storage memory, and upgradable to 32GB.

Hence new Mercury mTab and Neo are far better compared to their predecessor. They are upgraded to store more of user’s data, which is always userful, to keep you safe to run out of memory.

Winner- Tie – Mercury mTab 2 and Neo

Connectivity Options

mTab2 / Neo/ mTab: Wireless WiFi, IEEE 802.11b/g

3G: This is where these tabs generates collide with each other. The original mTab comes with optional 3G support, mTab2 supports 3G dongles, and Neo have in-built 3G support with WCDMA and GSM networks.

Winner: Mercury mTab Neo


Mercury mTab having 1.3 megapixel main camera, mTab2/ Neo (both) have have a 2 megapixel camera along with 0.3MP front camera for video calling. It is obvious for a end-user of Internet.

Winner: Tie- Mercury mTab 2 and Neo

Display, Battery and Other Features (Final)

7-inches capacitive WVGA TFT LCD touchscreen display, offers 800x480pixels resolution, with 16:9 wide aspect ratio. The 3-D gravity (G-Sensor) has been integrated,  and provided Adobe Flash 10.2 Support to watch online videos. All the Mercury Tabs are leashed with this feature. The mTab2 has been integrated with mic and speaker in-built. While offering HDMI 1080P video HD Output, these tablets varies in terms of battery backup.

The mTab and Neo offers 4000mAh battery, whereas mTab2 comes with a 3400mAh battery. So, hopefully all will deliver same battery backup, because first and second one would offer 3G support as well, and third one doesn’t supports 3G.

Winner: Tie- Mercury mTab and mTab Neo


The price of Mercury mTab was Rs. 9,499, which is surely to be discontinued now, since the arrival of its successor. The mTab 2 is priced at Rs. 11,999, and pricing for top-end model bit higher, Mercury mTab Neo is retailing for Price Rs. 15,999 price tag.


We have tried to compare with specifications, hardware and specifications. We have give you clear idea which specs are upgraded in Mercury mTab 2 and Neo. Do share in comment sections below what you think about these tablets.

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