7 Simple Tricks That Can Make Your Android Work Better

Have you noticed your smartphone being a little less… well, smart? Sometimes our phone start to slow down and it can be really frustrating. However, with just a few simple tricks you can get your phone working its best again.

Find out Where Your Phone Stands


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The first thing you need to do is find out exactly what is going on with your phone. Is there too much memory being used? Is the battery getting old? There are a few apps out there that can help you understand what is happening with your phone. AnTuTu Benchmark is an app that runs graphics performance tests, CPU usage, and more.

Turn Auto-Updating On


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Do you have a ton of apps on your phone? Make sure that you have auto-updating turned on. If an app is out of date, it is not going to run as well. Because of this, it can drain the battery power of your phone and muck up many of your phone’s functions. Make sure you manually update apps that don’t allow automatic updating.

Do you Really Need Wi-Fi?


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If you don’t need the Wi-Fi on your phone, turn it off. This is especially true when you aren’t in one place all the time. The phone will search for Wi-Fi everywhere you go. When it is searching for a connection, it is using a ton of battery. However, when you are syncing or uploading, it is better on the smartphone system to use a Wi-Fi connection than 3g or 4g.

Turn off Unused Apps


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When you go into your phone’s settings, you may find that there are a ton of apps running. If you turn these apps off, it will save batter power, and overall battery life. However, keep in mind that many apps that run in the background will turn themselves back on. Having a task manager or app killer is helpful to keep these apps off.

Simplify Your Syncing


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Android smartphones come with Google services. However, you may not want or need some of these. If you turn them off on your phone, they will no longer sync to the server. This will help the performance of your phone over its lifetime. You can turn off the services you don’t use by going into the settings and deleting the services you won’t use.

Toggle the Brightness


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Is your phone always glaringly bright? It’s not your laptop or ultrabook that you run applications that need brightness that blinds your eyes. Turn it down. The less light is used, the less power is put out. If you want your phone to work faster and better, turn down the light. There are apps that will help you by automatically changing the brightness depending on different factors.

Get Rid of Live Wallpaper


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Sure, live wallpapers are awesome. However, they take a ton of resources. If you want your phone to run faster and smoother, switch to a more traditional background. It may not look as interesting, but your phones improvements will be worth it.

It is important that your smartphone run well. Keep it working at its best for as long as possible. The little things make all the difference.

This post was written by Shaun Chatman, who is a well published author on many authority sites. He lives in Dunedin, FL, and spends his free time playing with his kids or advising friends on tech, gadgets, finance and travel.

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