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[TC Review] AdsensePress WordPress Theme – Boost Earnings with High CTR

Every blogger keep looking for highest Adsense CTR, If you’re a blogger, then you already know that Adsense is major source to monetize a website or blog. These are the common questions many people ask me everyday, “How can i increase Adsense CTR? What are the Best Ads Placements to get highest CTR? How to increase Adsense CPC? How to increase Adsense Earnings etc. etc.” and i always suggest to all bloggers best Ads placements according to their Niche and Website Layout/Theme.

Do you also want to increase Google Adsense earnings and want to get highest CTR? Then you came at right place. Google Adsense Team always suggest Best Ads Placements through Regular Newsletters, various Guides, One Click Optimizer, and Optimization Lab. But Adsense earnings depends on your theme layout also. Today, we’re introducing an awesome WordPress Theme aka Adsense WordPress Theme which is specially optimized for Adsense Publishers to get High CTR and maximum out of Adsense.

Ever wonder how people make thousands of dollers through Adsense? The answer is that they place Adsense Ads at visible area, i mean to say those people make sure that when people visit their site, they see and click on the Ads. They earn lots of dollers because they get high CTR (Click Through Rate). If your website have simple layout, and Adsense Ads placed at right place then chances to get clicks on your Adsense Ads are high. The AdsensePress WordPress Theme is designed with simple and effective layout, which is packed with features to improve the CTR, which is claimed to boost Adsense CTR and Earnings.

Here is the Screenshot of the AdsensePress Adsense Theme:

adsensepress wordpress theme 580x1024 [TC Review] AdsensePress WordPress Theme – Boost Earnings with High CTR

AdsensePress WordPress Theme Features and Advantages:

Plug & Play Easy Setup: The AdsensePress theme is Easy to Setup for beginner to professional level users. It takes just few minutes for complete setup.

Advanced Admin Panel/Options Page: The theme has advanced options page/admin panel (Inside WordPress Dashboard). Just select your settings and save settings, an yes theme is ready to go! No code editing required.

Lightweight and Fastest Loading Adsense Theme: The AdsensePress is very light weight and fastest loading theme, we’ve ever tested. The reason for its faster loading is its clean code without any unnecessary complex items or codes.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Friendly: The theme complies with Google Guidelines and it is SEO Friendly, or in other words Search Engine Optimized from scratch.

High CTR Recommended Ad Placements: AdsenePress theme is made with suggestions and tips from experts and even from Google Adsense theme, the goal is only one, High CTR= High Earnings.

Hence, after testing AdsensePress theme in our labs, we’ll say that if you want good Adsense earnings, then you should try AdsensePress theme. Just install AdsensePress theme, wait and see the boost in your Adsense CTR and overall earnings. Go ahead and try AdsensePress right away.

Theme Installation Demo & First Look:

Video Source: AmitBhawani.com

If you wish to Buy the AdsensePress Theme, then you can get it from AdsensePress Official Website: http://www.adsensepress.com

[TC Review] AdsensePress WordPress Theme – Boost Earnings with High CTR, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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