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Say Hello to The Nokia X1-00 Budget Music Phone

Global Leader in Mobile Phones, Nokia has announced a new phone, The Nokia X1-00. The X1-00 is especially targeted to music lovers, it features loud sound, according to the Nokia. It looks stylish at first eye, Nokia has worked seriously on this design. And best of all it is a low-budget phone, But without camera. This is not a good news for Indian Home Grown Brands (according to us). It seems that Nokia is focusing on low-budget handsets now, in addition to upcoming Windows Phone 7 Phones (under recently announced Nokia-Microsoft Partnership.)

Nokia X1 00 Say Hello to The Nokia X1 00 Budget Music Phone

Nokia said that Nokia X1-00 is a music lover phone, which boasts massive 106phon speaker on its back to deliver superior frequency responce. Results as louder and fantastic sound, even sound ramain undistorted at higher volumes (According to the company.). Nokia X1-00 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, allowing users to plug it into speaker or headphones. The phone has three dedicated music player keys (Like Nokia’s Great Xpress Music Series Music Phones).

Nokia X1-00 also boasts a torch which is useful in night times or where the power supply is unreliable. The battery of Nokia X1-00 delivers standby time of upto 61 days. Another unique features of this phone is that it features five phone books, really useful if you want to share your phone with your family members. Suppose you are sharing this phone with your 5 family members, then everyone can store their contacts on different phonebook. Though, Specification doesn’t have anything special, even this is a without camera phone, But what can you expect at such a low Price?

The Nokia X1-00 is powered by Series 30 Operating System, it features music player application, calendar, clock and calculator, pre-loaded games, and other basic features. It measures 112.2 x 47.3 x 16mm and weighs 91g.

Nokia X1-00 is priced at Basic Price (Without taxes) at Rs. 2150 in India.

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