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Playstation 4 release date soon, but you can preorder now!

mediamarkt ps4 display Playstation 4 release date soon, but you can preorder now!Gaming fans can barely contain themselves at the thought of the eminent release of the long awaited gaming console. There has been a lot of rumors regarding the official release date and some potential leaks of information, but considering you can now preorder consoles of Amazon, the release date can’t be far. Sony have been vague about the release date (November?) but something that they do go in to detail about is how the PS4 is a much better buy then the Xbox one and for reasons Im about to talk about, I kind of agree with them…

First of all the Playstation 4 comes in at $399.00 US which is $100.00 cheaper then the Xbox one. How ever you need to keep in mind that the Playstation Eye (the camera) will be sold separately for $60.00, so still cheaper then the Xbox one but not quite as cheap as some are lead to believe.

Something that Sony made a lot of noise about and for good reason is the ability to reuse games! Yes you heard right there are no restrictions on used games so once you are finished playing a game you can swap, sell or give it away for others to enjoy on their consoles. Microsoft originally had restrictions on sharing games but has recently changed their minds on that decision due to criticism from customers so the two consoles are on par in that respect. Microsoft also relaxed its policies on having to constantly check in online. Personally I thought it should have been that way in the first place…

For online play PS4 has the Playstation plus network which unfortunately will no longer be free but it is not required for most games to be online. In terms of gaming, there are 40 titles exclusive to PS4 which are currently being worked on and much more titles that are available for both systems. There are also numerous games being released at the same time as the console. As an added bonus Sony has included “playroom” for free with every console. Playroom is a reality game that allows users to interact with a bunch of robots, showcasing the ability’s of the new controller and camera. Some have compared it to wii sports. Im not sure why. Check out the video below to see what it is all about;

It is quite fortunate for consumers that the two consoles are being released so close together, all the competition means added value for the customer! As the two giants compete against each other the deals are bound to get better and better. So far it seems as though Sony is ahead with its cheaper price, release date rumored  to be sooner and more powerful gaming system. (better ram and faster GPU)  What will Microsoft do to even the playing field? We will find out in the months to come…


PS4 Playstation 4 release date soon, but you can preorder now!

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