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MWC 2013: Samsung, Intel Revealed Tizen 2.0 OS

Emulation between the operating systems is on campfire. In the prevailing sate Android and iOS have overshadowed every skyline of the smartphone market. There is no operating system that can jolt them off at least for now. In past 2 years, Google’s product Android has grown like anything and gathered millions of lovers in such a small time. Second one is the Apple’s iOS, which approaches in Apple products only but iOS has its own fan following which no one can snatch.

Tizen 2 0 OS MWC 2013: Samsung, Intel Revealed Tizen 2.0 OS

Samsung and Intel united hands and conclusively introduce the world to the new operating system named as “Tizen 2.0”. So basically we can say that Tizen is a aftereffect of the joint venture of Samsung and Intel. Now Samsung will not work on its Bada operating system anymore. It is anticipated that Tizen has been made to compete with Android and iOS. The new Tizen 2.0 OS is based on the Linux operating system as Android as said by the earlier reports.

On the hardware front, Tizen devices will be initially come from both Samsung and Huawei. Huawei is also joining the Tizen steering group, according to CNET. The Tizen phones will launch with a store with thousands of applications.

Yves Maitre, the executive in charge of handsets at Orange said,” The carrier expects to launch Tizen phones in France this year and in developing countries next year.” When we actually see Tizen working, it will be quite interesting to see that the newly launched Tizen OS is likely to compete with latest Firefox OS based devices. Many companies including Sony, ZTE and Alcatel are already working on their upcoming Firefox OS based devices. Sony has released Firefox OS ROM for Sony Xperia E, which is currently meant for developers. The BlackBerry OS is surely going to face heavy competition now, and Mobile OS Kings, iOS and Android might also face standstill on their growth.

It would be useful to mention here, that first ever Tizen 2.0 OS Device will likely to hit the market in September, through the Samsung and Orange.

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