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Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with JELLYBLAST V3 Jelly Bean ROM

Samsung Galaxy Y series phones got phenomenal attainment. The Galaxy Y is the most acclaimed and largest selling entry-level Android Phone. With the time period, this affordable android phone appears moderately outshined, with the antagonists of Micromax and some beside contenders. Within 10K range, one can even get a phone with 8MP camera shutter and a dual-core too. Galaxy Y users assuredly not satisfied as they never got Android 4.0 ICS update, and likewise Jelly Bean never possible.

Samsung Galaxy Y Jelly Bean ROM Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 with JELLYBLAST V3 Jelly Bean ROM

We heard our readers, and wrote about test build Android 4.0 CM9 for Samsung Galaxy Y S-5360. As per our case history, our thousands of readers have been tested the ROM. Unfortunately, very few of them got successful install. We examined back, and worked intimately if we can induce something impressive for users. I was following JellyBLAST V3, which is combination mod of ICS and Jelly Bean, since 2 months. I have found some positive feedback across the community, and I thought it could be beneficial if I share this with you readers. So guys, let’s move ahead and get an elementary statement on the identical.

The JELLYBLAST V3 is a Custom ROM (Kernel), which carries most of the morality of Galaxy Y S5360. Currently, v3 of the ROM has been released, and that can be considered as the most stable version to date.

  • Swipable and actionable notifications: It comes with set of new features, including Swipable and actionable notifications. It means you can now remove notifications with just a flick of image, and can call instantly too.
  • Useful Homescreen: The homescreen can do much more than adding shortcuts, including you can add live application content through the interactive widgets. Widgets are resizable and can be expanded to show more content.
  • New improved Settings, Range of Lockscreens and got stability fixes and tweaks.
  • DDLF1 Based ROM is Dark Jelly Bean Themed, with Jelly Bean Style Icons.
  • Jelly Bean Taskmanager, ROBOTO System Font, enhanced memory management, ICS styled Swype keyboard.
  • Audio Enhancements including BEATS audio for Marvellous, Crisp sound, Sony XLOUD, SRS WOS HD, and Dolby Digital 3D surround sound.
  • Camera improvement, Galaxy Y can capture clear images at even at 100% zoom.

Aside from above instanced specs, the ROM appends features furthermore, which you can checkout at official XDA Development thread.

Disclaimer: Though, we don’t like to give disclaimers, but we consider it important to clear the fact, that neither TechClap.com Team, nor Developer will be held responsible if anything occur unexpectedly to your Device’s Hardware. In other words, your device can get bricked or damaged during the process, and we are not responsible for the same. Though, this is proper ROM Firmware, which we have tested personally and haven’t discerned any known bugs. This ROM is continuously being updated, and we have included the latest version (at the time of writing this article). Though, you need to match the version number and download the latest version of ROM package from XDA thread. Please proceed with the steps at your risk, as it would void your device’s warranty. In case, you will require to claim warranty, then you have to restore an old backup or install Stock ROM.


  • Download and Install Latest Samsung Drivers from their official website. Make sure that you have Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 compatible data cable, as it is required for connectivity between phone and PC.
  • Make sure to charge Galaxy Y’s battery minimum of 80% before you proceed with the Installation of Custom ICS ROM. Device should not turned of in between the procedure.
  • We recommend you to Disable Antivirus and Firewall program in your PC, as they can create unwanted conflict during the process, so its good idea to disable them in advance for smoother process.
  • It is recommended to make Backup of all data in your Samsung Galaxy Y Device:
    • SMS/MMS Messages with SMS Backup & Restore App
    • Call Log with Call Backup & Restore App
    • Bookmarks, Applications and other data with many apps, like Titanium BackupAstro File Manager, and MyBackup Root apps. We recommend you to make ‘NANDROID’ backup of current Stock or Custom ROM, so that you can easily restore later from the backup, if anything goes wrong with the device while attempting to Install Custom ROM Firmware in your device. You should make backup of your data and songs into the microSD card of the phone.
  • Ensure that USB Debugging Mode is Turned On. Navigate to the path ‘Settings>Applications>Development>USB  debugging’.  You have to disconnect your phone from computer, it is must to enable USB debugging mode.

If you are have followed aforementioned instructions and now you are ready to continue, then let’s move on, and get short and easy steps we compelled for you for your comfort. Kindly follow the process carefully.

How to Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Looks Like JELLYBLAST V3 ROM Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Step 1: Please make sure that the Galaxy Y is rooted already, else just follow Tutorial to Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. Please now go to Settings>About and check that your phone is running Stock Kernel and Factory version of Android.

Step 2: Now, download JELLYBLAST V3 ROM from XDA and save it in your PC, please remember the location as you will need it later in the due course of this article.

Step 3: After check the firmware, if in case your device is not running on Stock kernel, then just open JELLYBLASTV3.zip on your computer, then delete boot.img, and now you should flash the zip now to your Device.

Beware: If your device is already running stock firmware, you won’t require to flash this and you can simply skip this step.

Step 4: Just remove the a2sd if exist, you can just use link2Sd for same.

Step 5: Now, switch off the Galaxy Y phone, and then go to Clockwork mode. Please make sure that your device have Clockworkmod, otherwise you can install it.

Step 6: Now, boot the device into CWM recovery, and then simply wipe data and cache. go to ‘Backup & Restore’ option firstly, you can browse through the option with the volume and and down button. Then use Wipe Data/ Cache option.

Step 7: In CWM recovery mode, after wiping the old ROM, You can now use the options ‘install zip from SD card’ and then select ‘Choose zip from SD card’ then just browse and select file downloaded in Step 2 ‘JellyBlastGenED.signed.zip‘.

Step 8: Just press Yes, your ROM should proceed with the Installation process, if you’ve followed Step 7 correctly. The ROM would finish installation in 5-7 minutes, and then you have to go back to home by selecting ‘+++Go Back+++’. Then simply select ‘Reboot System Now’. After the restart of phone, your phone would welcome you on brand new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Look like Firmware. You can verify your firmware version at ‘Settings>About Phone>Firmware Version’.

Note: If you’ve faced any error during the procedure, then you should check with the developer for the possible solution.

If this method has ended victoriously for you, then Congrats! Your device has now wholly distinct UI. Show it to your friends and enjoy the new features in your device. Do share the experience in below comments section.

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