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my Xperia! Now no fear of losing your Xperia phones

Sony’s Xperia  smartphones  have become users favorite for sometime, it may be because of  their stylish look and exceptional features.  This year Sony has announced two more phones  in the series, Xperia Z and Zl and Xperia Tablet Z as well, many users are already sure of buying them and counting days for their launch as both phones have excellent features in their  baggage.

But when you buy such a sophisticated and attractive phone, there is always a fear of losing that and most importantly all of us are worried about the data and important contents which we have stored in our phones because of  phone’s excellent storage capacity.

Sony My Xperia my Xperia! Now no fear of losing your Xperia phones

For that Sony is coming up with their new application “ my Xperia” which will help you to connect with your lost phone. I am sure right now you must be thinking that how this is possible…? When the same was asked in application’s launch than Marcin Zielinski, Sony Experience Planner said that, “When the unpredictable happens, “my Xperia” helps you locate your misplaced Sony smartphone and protect your personal data”. Mr. Zielinski is the main brain behind this app.

My Xperia is the similar application as that of Find My iPhone by Apple and many other services like this. With the help of my Xperia you log on to the service by visiting myxperia.sonymobile.com and logging in with your Google account. Once you logged in, if your device gets misplaced, you can look for it on a map, sound an alert, which works even if the phone is in Silent mode, remote lock the phone and display contact information or remote wipe the internal and external memories on the phone.

The Beta version is already available in North European regions but will run only in devices who came in 2012 starting from Xperia Acro S and all smartphones came after that or coming soon. Sony is now planning to launch this application all across the world within few months. If you are showing your huge interest in this app and wants to know what it actually is then you can read this interview with Mr. Zielinski at application’s launch.

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