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TTi unveils latest RF spectrum Analyzer

The PSA Series II is a new series of handheld spectrum analyzer available 1.3 GHz and 2.7 GHz versions. The instrument are smaller and have longer battery life than other handheld RF product. It builds upon the success of the PSA-T series offers a light weighted and truly handheld instrument that incorporates an extensive feature set . PSA1302 and PSA2702 offer every engineer an opportunity to own a spectrum analyzer regardless of their particular specialty.

Handheld spectrum analyzer with PSA series II weighs only 560 gms and is just 9.2 cm wide fit easily into the hand. Despite their small size, the analyzer incorporates 11 cm back lit TFT color display with touch screen and high-capacity rechargeable battery that gives more than 8 hours of operation from a charge.

Aim TTi   PSA S2 RF spectrum analyser TTi unveils latest RF spectrum Analyzer

Specification and Features of PSA Series II :-


  • Frequency Span : PSA Series II is available with frequency range of 1 MHz to 1300 MHz (PSA1302) and 1 MHz to2700 MHz (PSA2702).
  • PSA Series has maximum frequency range of 1299 MHz(PSA1302) , 2699 MHz(PSA2702) with setting modes such as center frequency plus span or start plus stop frequencies and resolution of 1 KHz at any frequency.
  • Reference Frequency Accuracy: Initial Accuracy is better than 10 ppm at 20 oC with a stability of 10 ppm over 10 oC to 30 oC.
  • Phase Noise: Phase Noise at 100 KHz offset at 500 MHz typically -90 dBc/Hz.
  • Resolution Bandwidth: Select able 1 MHz , 280 KHz , or 15 KHz.
  • Markers: PSA series has no. of markers include one , two with resolution of 0.1 KHz at all frequencies.Marker Accuracy include 1/270th  of span +/- 0.1 KHz plus reference frequency accuracy.


  • Amplitude Range: The Instrument is measure with dBm or dB units with 85 dB from reference level selected as -20 dBm or 0 dBm.
  • Accuracy: 1 dB at 10 dB below ref. Level @ 50MHz.
  • Flatness: 1.5 dB over the range 1 MHz to 1300 MHz(PSA1302) , 1 MHz to 2700 MHz(PSA2702).
  • Linearity: 1 dB over 50 dB from reference level.
  • Noise Floor: Better than -93 dBm average displayed noise floor (typically -96 dBm).
  • Distortion and spruii : The instrument has 3rd order inter modulation with <-60dBc  for two signals at 10 dB below reference level.
  • Residual spruii is better than 3 dB above noise floor.


  • Signal Input: The instrument is connected with SMA connector having 50 ohms resistance.
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 typical with maximum level of +20 dBm ,15 V DC supply.
  • DEMODULATION: A zero span mode is also provided with AM or FM audio demodulation using a built in speaker(30 mW into 32 ohms mono or stereo headphones , adjustable volume ,3.5 mm jack socket).
  • DISPLAY: The instrument is incorporated with 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) back lit TFT with a resolution of 480* 272 pixels ,16 colors ,touchscreen.
  • MEMORY STORAGE: The instrument has 1.8 GB internal memory storage with USB host interface for removable USB flash Drives.
  • POWER SOURCES: It provides a li-ion battery of 3.7 V with 300 mA-hr that gives more than 8 hours of continuous operation from charge.
  • It weighs 560gms with a dimensions of 192 mm high * 92 mm wide * 49 mm deep.
  • It operates at a range of +50 to +40 degree Celsius stored at a range of -10 to +50 degree Celsius.

 Price and Availability:

  • The current pricing recommended for the PSA1302 and PSA2702 in major world markets (excluding VAT or other sales tax) are UK-PSA1302 -$795 and PSA2702 -$995
  • Eurozone countries PSA1302-994 Euro , PSA2702 – 1244 Euro.
  • Other countries including USA

PSA1302 – $1300* US approx.

PSA2702 – $1600* US approx.

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