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Increase Battery Life of Android Phones with JuiceDefender

Just searched for the ‘Battery Extending’ in the search giant Google and all I end up with was ‘Disappointment’. This disappointment suddenly got converted into the sharp shine of shocked eyes, when someone advised to change the smartphone, in order to extend battery. Ahh, Sick people!!

After wasting my precious time, I just came across the best way to increase the battery life by 500 percent and took the time to make you aware about it so that you don’t waste your time, the way, I did.

 extend android battery life Increase Battery Life of Android Phones with JuiceDefender

Why Should I Read Ahead ?

Thumbs down, if this thought hit your mind. Plenty of reasons to go ahead and to actually increase the battery life by 500 percent. Only the people, who have suffered from that irritating moment, when you had to make a special Call and your smartphone’s battery level gone zero; would understand the need of extending the battery life. If you haven’t suffered and don’t wish to extend battery, then you can leave the reading right now. You can come back at any time, when you feel the need. Believe me! I’m not gonna delete this article.

What Do You Need ?

As you know, Android apps have made everything possible without any manual input, same is the case with extending your battery life by 500 percent. You only need to have is the app called, JuiceDefender. This app enables you to enjoy the extra backup of your smartphone’s battery.

What’s this App All About ?

JuiceDefender is the app, designed to extend the battery life by 500 percent. Having long battery backup without doing anything, is nothing less than a dream and JuiceDefender makes it happen for you.

How Does This Work ?

Here comes the most common question, ‘How Does This App Work?’. The concept of this app to stop the power consuming processes. The top battery eaters in your smartphone are Display, WiFi, GPS etc.

There are many apps that require Internet connectivity and keep running in background without your awareness about it. JuiceDefender finds out such apps and close them immediately and you see this output as better battery backup. The tasks done by JuiceDefender can be done manually but who in this world wants to carry extra headache of turning off the WiFi, GPS and closing the apps? I’m sure, you don’t. By the way, why go manually, when JuiceDefender is doing them all for you, automatically.

How to Use JuiceDefender ?

Pretty Simple! Just download this app from Google Play and install it on your Android device. As soon as you installed it, it will be live in action and results will be there on your battery life. JuiceDefender comes with the default settings regarding ‘When to turn off the WiFi, Which Apps Should be Closed When to Turn off GPS’ etc. These default settings are set so as to give you maximum output and to extend the battery life by 500 percent. But through it’s simple and intuitive user interface, you can change these settings to meet your desire.

So ready to extend the battery life by 500 percent? Then proceed ahead and download this app from the link given below.

Download JuiceDefender

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