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Top 5 90s Mobile Phones

You may be clutching your iPhone 5 right now with pride and the greatest of care, especially after paying so much for it, and maybe some of you are still trying to figure how the bloody thing works. However, things weren’t always this flashy or this slick when it came to phones. Oh no.

Apps? What are they? No, the 90s mobile phone was anything but sleek or laden with the cutting edge trinkets we’re accustomed to now, looking more akin to that of a brick being held to your ear. Let’s not forget the discordant ringtones either whose whirring sounds probably still resonate with some people today, surely not aided by those dodgy ringtone providers’ ads you saw in the Sunday papers or on television, taking every bit of credit you had or racking up a hefty bill at the end of the month. Yes, the ‘90s mobile phone. Times have certainly changed but here’s a look at five of the decade’s finest.

5 – Nokia 5110

Nokia 5110 Top 5 90s Mobile Phones

If there’s one thing the older phones had going for it, it was durability. Though it’s not recommended that you hurl any phone against a concrete wall, there is still the chance that the Nokia 5110 wouldn’t break if you did so. Actually, it would probably smash a hole in the wall – The Iron Man of ‘90s mobile phones.

4 – Motorola MicroTAC

Motorola MicroTAC full size Top 5 90s Mobile Phones

But dare you look further back? Motorola’s mobile phone models in the ‘80s and ‘90s were truly horrific when we think about it. The Motorola MicroTAC, first introduced in 1989 but with newer models in the early ‘90s, was a bulky, hideous slab of a phone, made all the more unappealing by its large signal antenna protruding from the top. It looked more like a prop from an extremely low budget ‘60s sci-fi flick than the epitome of mobile technology. But you know what; it was the bee’s knees at the time, and one of interest 90s mobile phones.

3 – Samsung SH700

Samsung SH700 Top 5 90s Mobile Phones

Samsung are more known for their Galaxy smartphones now but they’ve had their fingers on mobile phones since the ‘80s. In 1993, they launched the original SH700 model, an “ultra-light” mobile phone that was definitely a step in the right direction for lighter and more convenient to carry mobile phones in the future.

2 – Siemens S10

Siemens S10 Top 5 90s Mobile Phones

Siemens launched their S Series of mobile phones at the start of the ‘90s, which had many models throughout the decade, particularly 1997’s S10 model, which broke some new ground to say the least. It was the first phone with a colour screen. Yes, colour! How we take some things for granted.

1 – Nokia 3210

nokia 3210 Top 5 90s Mobile Phones

1999, just before Y2K ended the world and all that, we were treated to the standout of ‘90s mobile phones – the Nokia 3210. Indeed, arguably the granddaddy of mobile phones in its time. Every teenager was scratching and clawing to own one of these smaller, glossier phones, if only to play Snake on repeat and attempt to beat their classmates’ high scores. Simpler times.

Gone are the days when people use to get phones from shops, nowadays there are various Online Stores, to get phones right at the home. Now, Mobile Phones are available Online even through Telecommunication Operators Official websites. International operators like Virgin Mobile selling Mobile Phones online, even though other operators such as Vodafone and Airtel also sell mobile phones online, where they occasionally offer schemes, including free data and talk time. Hence, it was the list we made for 90s Mobile Phones, and which phones made most of buzz.

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