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Sense Bootscreen Changer: Change Sense ROMs Bootscreen

Android is all about customizations. That is the main reason most users are going in for Android based devices these days.  iOS and Windows are beset with their own limitations.

One of the things users like to customize is the  Bootscreen of their phone. And that is not impossible. Not only that, it is fairly simple to do that! If you don’t know what bootscreen is, it is the animation which is always played when your phone gets switched on. You can also call it your  welcome screen.

htc sense bootscreen change Sense Bootscreen Changer: Change Sense ROMs Bootscreen

Users can now change bootscreen of HTC Sense-based ROMs easily in few clicks. Till now, users had to change the files totally manually which was a cumbersome process. But now, it has become very easy to do so. Thanks to XDA member vsaravind007, who came with solution in which we can change the bootscreen on the fly. Before applying the bootscreen file, the app will check whether file is a valid bootscreen file or not. As of now, this app has been tested on the HTC EVO 3D Phone, and we were happy with the results. The app backs up the currently active bootscreen file to /sdcard/SenseBsChanger/Backup folder. Same as other AOSP and Cyanogenmod ROMs. You can change the bootscreen of HTC Sense based ROMs on the fly in few steps.

  • Change bootscreen of Sense ROMs on the fly
  • Bootscreen file checker
  • Backup to SD card

There are methods for other phones, other than HTC Sense based devices, as the earlier process was a little different. You might have tried other apps earlier, but none of them seemed to work perfectly. The reason was that HTC Sense ROMs stores boot animation file in different locations, instead of default one in most of the devices. Developer had personally tried various apps, which claimed to change the bootscreen. You won’t require to manually replace root explorer app.

Super User permissions  are required in this case, as boot animation is always stored in the system directly, and to replace file SU permission always required. When you download the app for the first time, it will send the anonymous usage statistics about the app versions to their server, in which they will be able to improve the software. At the moment, backup can be done easily and this app cannot restore the same. Developers promised that this feature can get added soon, and future updates of this app are also promised. Developers also said, you should support me, as I will face many bugs in first design.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Download SenseBSChanger.apk and save it to your computer.

Step 2: Download and install Android SDK, and install the same in your computer.

Step 3: Now install the USB Drivers and then connect your phone to computer.

Step 4: Navigate to Settings menu and turn on the USB Debugging mode at Settings>Development

Step 5: Now, navigate to the ‘Platform-tools’ in the folder of SDK.  Then you need to type ‘adb devices’ and then just hit ENTER.  At this setup, your phone would be shown in the list which includes alphabets and numerical..

Hence, now you can impress your friends, if they used to tease you about it. This app has made it simple and now you won’t need to purchase any other tool. You can easily drop and change boot animation to your favorite one, and you can customize it as the way you want. Do let us know in comments below if you face any issue, we will be happy to resolve the query.

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