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Top Five Android Features iPhone can Dream of

Top Five Android Features iPhone can Dream of

android features in IOS1 Top Five Android Features iPhone can Dream of

Call me your cheap, low-life relative if you’re an iPhone user, or your “brotha’ from another motha’” – or something a little less chummy – if you’re an Android user, but I have always been an Android person – oft touted as an Android spy. Never touched that golden Apple in my life I swear to thee, God.Well, at least never owned one. And I have my reasons for that.

But first things first –  before I lay out my list of android features that make it better than the iPhone for me, I’d like to make one thing very clear: this is not about money. I’d rather pick an Android over an iPhone even if I own Apple itself (and Windows over Mac, too, just for the record), and even if it takes double the cash. It’s a game of utility. Money factor? Well it’s always the loser in smart purchases.

So, with that set aside, on to my list of top five Android features iPhone– or indeed any iPhone spy – can dream of:

Number 1: Memory Card Slot

I was rather shocked the day my proud iPhone owning friend told me that nobody could take anything out of – or insert anything into – his slab of a phone. The reference was to removable storage chips. So once you’ve bought your iPhone, you’re stuck with its hard disk size for good, be it 8, 16 or 32 GB. And 32 GB is the max it gets.

Androids? Well, their storage capacity is as big as the memory card gets. So you can store an entire world of software and song and when you’re running out of space…  just get a bigger memory card. Simple and easy.

Number 2: Changeable Battery

The brother of the above feature: the android’s battery can be changed. Again, as the iPhone comes in its sealed package, its battery, too, cannot be removed. So if your power packet begins to run slow on an iPhone, you can just sit and stare at it while it whoozes down as it ages.

With Androids, that’s not the case. Your battery starts giving you trouble, you throw it away, buy a new one and stick it into your phone’s OPENABLE backside. 1, 2, 3 – your power supply is back to normal and you’re good to go once again.

Number 3: The Notification Bar

This is another feature that makes the Android tablet – as any Average Joe Android Spy would let you know – a lot more practical to use than its Apple counterpart. The notification bar makes life a million times easier by providing you easy access to all updates in your phone. Got a new message? It’s there. Software updates? They’ve got their own icon up there. Downloads? There. Missed calls? There. It’s all up there on a bar at the top of your screen – and it can be pulled down for some quick and easy navigation.

Number 4: MP3 Format Players

Call me lazy, outdated, trendless, tasteless or whatever else you wish but I am not a fan of Apple’s iTunes feature. It makes the simple and enjoyable act of listening to music sodamncomplicated. With that thing in the iPhone I would never pick it over an android, which plays the good old universally recognized MP3 format which means you can just download your music off the internet – and just play it, damn it. Whew. Piss me off that Apple’s complications.

Number 5: It’s Common

That’s right. Androids are common and I love that about them. While most people would rather have a phone that’s unique and uncommon – look at your next-door iPhone user for accurate illustration – I would much rather have one that is common, due to the plain old practicality of the matter. With their common – and, well, professedly cheaper – structure, Android cellphones’ software and hardware is not only easily available but is also inexpensive. As a result, I can easily gain access to – and make use of – unique softwarethat an iPhone user can’t without jailbreaking. Just like my new Android spy software, which, by the way, is a million times better than the iPhone spy software because, well, why would anyone spend so much time and energy on refining software for a phone that only so many people have? Think.

Bottom-line? Practicality. It pays.

Natalia David blogs for http://www.cellspyexpert.com, an author significantly contributes towards PC security Software. Follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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