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Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Are you a gaming freak? Do you use your android smartphone to play games? Does your smartphone is smart enough to support HD games? Would you like to try some HD games from Gameloft who are one of the top gaming developers? Then, this post is for you. The below mentioned Best HD games are developed and maintained by Gameloft and all copy writes belong to them.

Note (System Requirements): All the below mentioned games need at-least 1GHz processor and at-least 500 MB ram to work ( might lag but the game is playable) and the games works smoothly on all high end devices. Most of the games mentioned below are paid games.

gameloft Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Here Comes the TechClap.com’s List of Top 10 HD Games Developed By Gameloft (As Of July 2012): 

1. Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline HD 

asphalt 6 banner Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Do you love play some rash car racing? Are you an addict to play racing games on PC? Then Asphalt is a must try game on your android. Asphalt is one of the very popular car racing game from Gameloft. All the streets in the game is rendered in HD. The user will be driving against tough opponents. The game has about 11 different leagues with 55 events and also have lots of other challenges online. The game has excellent graphics and controls are smooth too.The game also supports multi-playing and supports up to 6 multi-players. All in all, if you like racing games, Asphalt is a must try game.

Download Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline HD 

2. The Amazing Spider-Man HD

Gameloft The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Have you followed the spider-man movie series? Do you love the story? Would you like to try out yourself how it is to be a spidy? Then this game is certainly for you. The Amazing Spider-Man HD is a game with intense web slinging action. The Amazing Spider-Man is an official game of one of the real movies from 2012. The game play is through a storyline. The graphics are amazing and controls are smooth as well. The game has about 25 missions as of now.

Download The Amazing Spider-Man HD

3. Real Soccer 2012

Real football 12 Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Are you a soccer fan? Do you love playing soccer games? Then this game is just for you. Real Soccer 2012 is a game based on soccer and is targeted against the biggest community of soccer fans on mobile. Real Soccer 2012 is an improved version of Real Soccer. The game animations are excellent and is very attractive.The game now has smoother graphics with improved controls. The game has a whooping 350 teams to play with and has about 14 leagues to chose from. All in all, this is a must try game to all those soccer fans out there.

Download Real Soccer 2012 

4. Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation HD 

MC3 Pack iPhoneHD Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Modern Combat is one of the famous action games available in the market today. The game is based on the shooting concept. The user needs to battle for the freedom of United States. The game play is very smooth and the graphics or the animations is very high. The game has about 13 missions which is of very high intensity. The game also supports multi playing and has a ranking system integrated in the game which keeps the player to keep coming back and playing to get higher ranks.

Download Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation HD

5. N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD 

NOVA3 Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

N.O.V.A is one of the oldest games available in the market as of today. The game is highly popular and has millions of users worldwide. N.O.V.A is one of those action games which is based on the shooting concept. The game has about 10 chapters and the game play is smooth. The game also supports multi-player and one can enter up to 12 battle fields. The game has ranking system integrated and one can build his career in the game by increasing his rank. The graphic is amazing and the weapons available are of latest technology.

Download N.O.V.A 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD 

6. Let’s Golf! 3 HD

Lets Golf 3 HD Logo Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Are you a golf lover? Then this game is surely for you. Let’s Golf 3 is one of those exciting golf games with amazing animations. One can create an avatar from thousands of combinations of clothes, hair, gear and many more such things. One can travel to 6 crazy locations to play golf. The game also supports multi playing and upto 4 players are supporter to play with either Wifi or Bluetooth. One can also purchase the special skills available inside the game to boost his game play. The game play is smooth and the graphics are quite high.

Download Let’s Golf 3! HD 

7. External Legacy HD 

EternalLegacyHDandroid Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

External Legacy is one of the popular action games from Gameloft. The game play is such that it is played in a huge world made of cinematic 3D environments. The game is played in a story line. One can enjoy the time he spends on exploring and fighting in the majestic landscapes. All the locations are rendered with 3D effect and the game a 360 degree camera option. One needs to choose a team consisting of 3 members to play with and the choice can be made out of the 9 available characters. All in all, it is good game to enjoy if your are action lover.

Download External Legacy HD

8. Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles HD

assassins creed altairs chronicles iphone Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

Assassin’s Creed is one of the biggest hits in the PC platform. Assassin’s Creed on mobile platform too is a very popular game. The game story is amazing and so is the game play. Controls could have been a bit sensitive though. The game story is based on stealing the chalice from the templars. The game graphics and animations are good and are very attractive. The game play is well balanced with action and puzzle. The sound tracks are quite good and one enjoy playing it. All in all Assassin’s Creed is one of those action games which we recommend to try.

Download Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronical HD

9. UNO HD 

UNO HD Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft

UNO, who does not know about this game? One of the card games from the real time converted into a gaming concept. UNO is a highly popular card game and is probably the most played card game world wide. The game play and the graphics of the game is bright. The challenges keeps on increasing as you win. One can also customize the game play by varing the game play rules. The game is also available in the multi player mode and the game can also be played using the Wifi.

Download UNO

10. Gangster Domination HD 

 0 Top 10 HD Android Games By Gameloft
Gangster Domination is one of the action games available in the market. The game has good animations and the graphics in the game is quite good. The game play is smooth and one can enjoy playing the game. One needs to lead his members to complete quests, defeat few rival gangs and has few more interesting and challenging tasks. There are two modes available for the user to play. All in all Gangster Domination is a fun game to play.

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