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What are Android Task Managers / Killers? A Complete Walkthrough

Do you always hear about task killing applications being used by your friends? Do you know anything about task killers and why they are used? Would you like to know completely about task killers? Then, this article is just for you.  Does your android smart phone’s battery drain quickly? Are you fed up of charging it, every now and then? Well, the struggle is over; through this article we will tell you how to save your battery life and make it last longing using the task killing applications.

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First of all, what is that task killer we are talking about? Well, task killer is a an application which is designed in such a way that it kills all the running applications or to put it in simple or laymen terms, task killers are just like task managers in your windows. You can kill or stop an application as and when you need it. The only difference between task killer and task manager is, you can schedule the program or the application killing intervals in your android using the task killers but as you all know task manager is a manual process.

One of the reasons why your android smart phone drains its battery quickly is because of the applications which run in the background without your knowledge. Now, these task killing applications will help you to kill those applications which are running in the background without your knowledge. I am sure, you have a question now, ‘how does killing the background application help?’. Well, the major reason for battery to drain quickly is because of the applications running and also because of the speed of the processor. The more the applications run, the more is the speed of the processor and it turn it needs more power to run and hence, consumes lots of power from your battery. Now, i hope you have the answer. Killing the applications in the background helps the processor to run in the slower speed and it turn it consumes less power and hence, power consumed from the battery is less and this helps the phone’s battery to last longer.

Few smart phone manufacturing brands like Samsung, have task managers in them which can help you to kill the applications running in the background by clearing the ram. Again, here the process becomes manual and after you clear the ram ones, these applications eventually start up again till you kill them. So, having these task killing applications will help you to keep a check on the applications running in the background and also to kill them automatically in time interval.

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Do these applications have any disadvantages? Sure, they do! Every software or for that matter anything has advantages as well as disadvantages. But, the advantages and disadvantages with software’s purely depends on the way one uses it. Disadvantage with these task killers is, if you don’t configure them properly, then there functions might backfire, i mean instead of saving battery consumption, these task killers may consume more power and might drain the battery quickly. So, configuring these task killers is very very important and it is recommended to keep an eye on settings one’s in a while to make sure, the settings are not changed.

One of the task killing application we recommend for our users is Advanced Task Killer from ReChild. This application is completely tested by our team, and it is one of the safest task killing application available in the play store. The application has good user interface and also the application is very easy to configure. The application is available for free of any charge. You can download the application from Google Play Store or Click Here .

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We hope this article has given you the much required information about the android task killers. If you have any quires regarding the android task killers, please reach us out and we will be more than happy to help you anytime.

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